Concluding and Final Capitalisation Events of the CLUSTER SERVAGRI standard project, implemented within the European Cross-Border Cooperation Programme ENI CBC “Italy-Tunisia” 2014-2020.



The Concluding Event and the Final Capitalisation Event of the CLUSTER SERVAGRI standard project were held last 11 and 12 December at the Urban Center in Syracuse, focused on the restructuring of cross-border olive supply chains and implemented within the framework of the European Program of Cross-border Cooperation ENI CBC “Italy-Tunisia” 2014-2020.

These events were organised both in person and via videoconference and saw the participation of Tunisian and Italian partners and stakeholders who had the opportunity to appreciate the interventions of speakers both from the two cross-border countries and from other Euro-Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, Spain and Portugal.

On the morning of Monday 11 December, the results of the project were presented and interesting considerations and reasoning on the possible development prospects for the cross-border olive sector and, in particular, for the SERVAGRI cluster. In the afternoon, the public was able to listen to a whole series of speeches from public and private bodies focused on oil tourism, on the opportunities and prospects of capitalisation that it offers for the sustainable development of Mediterranean oil sector. The works concluded with a master-class on certified oils from Sicily.

The following day was dedicated to the Committees of the project bodies and field visits in the territory of the Municipality of Buccheri, in the province of Syracuse, to agricultural companies and points of interest adhering to the quality system and the CLUSTER SERVAGRI cultural-tourist itinerary, which was formally recognised as a European cultural itinerary by the Council of Europe, and concluding the day with a master-class on certified oils from Sicily.





Photos of the event.