Project summary

The high fragmentation of the productive fabric of both cooperation areas hinders growth, especially with a view to internationalisation. A common need is to facilitate the processes of aggregation and offer qualification for enterprises, in order to obtain a more transparent trade of healthy and traceable olive oil.

The specific objective is the restructuring of the cross-border olive oil supply chain thanks to the strengthening of an economic cluster of conventional, organic, fully traceable and quality olive oil, in order to adapt production and supply to international standards.


The project aims to achieve the following purposes:

› Better knowledge and skills

› Strengthening contacts in the cooperation area

› Concrete and visible achievements.


The intermediate results and achievements concern:

› Research and strengthening of system actions for raising quality standards

› Actions for restructuring, strengthening and development of MSMEs networks of excellence and business organisations for the quality, full traceability and safety of the olive oil sector

› Implementation of clustering agreements aimed at marketing of quality oils

› Pilot actions of inter-institutional cooperation for the harmonisation of normative / regulatory standards, the capitalisation of the cluster and its virtual logistic platform.

The evolutionary approach of the experience of the SERVAGRI project and its Observatory will allow, by capitalising on its results and good practices, to amplify a cross-border clustering process stimulated by the introduction of innovative procedures and techniques that guarantee traceability, safety and quality of olive oils, through the common “umbrella” brand registered in the two countries, towards sustainable olive oil production; adopting joint strategies chosen through a “participatory approach of public-private partnerships”; and developing a management platform for the large-scale cross-border olive oil supply chain, through a stable exchange “applied research-enterprises”.