Aim of project

Aim, purpose of the CLUSTER SERVAGRI project

The general objective of this project is the strengthening of economic clusters in the olive oil sector in Tunisia and Italy.

The specific objective is the restructuring of cross-border olive oil chains by strengthening an economic cluster of conventional, organic, typified, fully traceable and quality olive oil in order to standardise the production and supply according to international standards.


Faced with the strong fragmentation of the productive fabric of the two cooperation areas which hinders growth, particularly in terms of internationalisation, the common need is to favour the processes of aggregation of olive farms and qualification and traceability of the olive oil supply.


Solutions proposed by this project: synergistic involvement of professional organisations and applied research, MPMEs, authorities, regional consortia, groupings, districts, elected members, involved in various capacities in the olive oil sector, acting on the underutilised production potential, strengthening young people and women skills, also blocking the ageing of the agricultural population and its high rate of illiteracy, through the application of innovative production technologies “in the field” with a know-how transfer jointly targeted at operators, professionals, researchers and public officials, thus stimulating a virtuous process of aggregation, growth and innovation.
Innovative exchanges and the transfer of know-how, business partnerships, inter-institutional tables and the grouping of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) will encourage all actors to learn, exchange, share access to innovative techniques and procedures, also promoting the launch of new targeted services in the cross-border supply chain of quality, traceable, healthy olive oil and stimulating long-term endogenous economic growth, both in conventional and organic / typified lines.